Welcome to the web-site of The Townsville Senior Citizens Welfare Association Inc. for everyone 50 years and over
Senior Citizen's Welfare is an
incorporated organisation providing
cheap ($4.00) entertainment
5 days a week for 49 weeks of the year
for people 50 years plus. Pay extra for
bingo and hoy cards and raffles.
Yearly registration for membership is
$10.00 and from January to June is $5.00.
This year, we will be closed from
11th December to 6th January 2015.
Above is the hat parade for the
Melbourne Cup Day. Many
more were present for the day.
Just take a peek at our activities
 on the activities page. Everything
commences at 9am so we haven't
 got to remember different times
for different things.
There is something for everyone.
Come one day or as many days
 as you fancy. Everyone is always
welcome. Come and try everything.
Different entertainment on
different days; plus specials such
as bus trips, Open Day, Easter
Bonnet Parade, Open Day, Concerts,
Melbourne Cup Day, Christmas in 
July and another in December
 just to name a few.
There is no need to be lonely
and it also keeps the mind active.


  1. Congratulations on new website. Very informative!

  2. Wonderful to see the web page, and the friendly faces and northern sunshine from Ryan Street.

  3. Nice website. well done! Easy to find your way around. Joan